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Getting Started:

We make building your website easy and worry-free. Here’s how it works:

  1. Submit Your Info: Fill out our form to give us the details about your business.
  2. We Optimize:  After reviewing your submission, we may ask a few clarifying questions. Then we’ll expertly refine your content to make sure your business stands out online.
  3. Final Touches: We’ll create a professionally designed website based on your input and our expertise. You’ll have an opportunity for minor tweaks before it goes live.

After you click the ‘Send’ button, expect an email from us confirming receipt of your information. We’ll then get in touch to finalize next steps before work begins.

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    Page Topper









    Step 1: Page Topper Content

    Example Image

    The top of your website sets the stage for your brand. Here, your business name or logo will be prominently displayed, along with essential navigation links. This section typically houses the logo, navigation menu, and a strategic Call-to-Action (CTA) button. It's also where you'll find a headline that quickly captivates your audience and outlines your main message.

    Primary Action:

    Choose the actions you'd like visitors to take on your website. (You can select more than one):

    Request a quote Call your office Send an email inquiry Book an appointment Download a resource (e.g., eBook, brochure) Other:

    Step 2: About Us / Introduction

    The "About Us" section is your chance to introduce your business to visitors. Here's how to write it effectively:

    Start Strong: Open with a sentence that says who you are and what you do.
    Be Real: Use a genuine tone that reflects your brand.
    Key Points: Briefly mention what makes you unique and why customers should choose you.
    Wrap It Up: End with a next step, like "Contact us to learn more."

    Keep it short and sweet, aiming for 4-6 sentences. This is your elevator pitch to the world, so make it count!

    The content you provide will serve as the foundation for your website. While we'll refine and polish it to ensure professionalism and web-readiness, it's crucial that you supply detailed and accurate information. Think of it as the raw material we'll sculpt to represent your brand impeccably online.

    Stuck? Just tell us about your business in your own way, naturally. We'll do the rest!

    Please upload images or documents that best represent your business. We recommend submitting original, unedited photos directly from your camera or phone for optimal quality, but we'll work with whatever you provide."

    Step 3: Showcase Your Services

    In this section, you'll highlight what sets your business apart:

    List Your Services: Detail the services or special features your business offers.
    Describe Each Service: For every service mentioned, provide a brief 1-2 sentence description.
    Highlight the Benefits: Explain why each service is valuable or beneficial to your customers.
    Include Images: If you have photos that represent your services, there's a space to upload them.
    Clarity is Key: Use simple language, avoiding industry-specific terms when possible.

    Remember, this section is your platform to communicate what you offer to potential clients. The content you supply acts as the raw material for your website. It's essential to provide detailed and accurate information, as we'll refine and craft it to best represent your brand online.

    Please upload images / documents that best represent your business. We recommend submitting original, unedited photos directly from your camera or phone for optimal quality, but we'll work with whatever you provide."

    Step 4: Contact Information / Footer

    Enter how you want your potential clients to contact you.

    (Optional) Upload an image of your storefront, company vehicle(s) or something related to your business operations and we may use it here.

    Final Review

    Before you submit, take a moment to review your entries. If something comes to mind after submission, rest assured — you'll have another chance to make adjustments before we move forward.

    Alternate Contact Information

    If the business contact details you've provided differ from the ones we should use to reach out to you about starting your project, please provide them below:

    Once you click the 'Send' button, you'll get a confirmation email. After reviewing your submitted information, we'll contact you shortly to confirm the next steps before we begin work on your project.

    Interested in a unique touch? We offer customizations at additional rates. Just let us know.