MineConnect: A New Name & Look for SAMSSA.

After an RFP selection process, SAMSSA awarded Petryna Advertising with the project of creating a rebranding campaign for the association. Their Board of Directors had decided to change their organization’s name. Additionally, they would embark on a complete rebranding process.

Why rebrand?

SAMSSA stood for “Sudbury Area Mining Supply and Services Association”, but they’d long ago grown beyond Sudbury. As a result, they made the difficult but critical decision to rebrand.

This is always a challenging decision to make, because it comes at the cost of brand recognition. However, it was the only decision to make in order to grow their membership and embrace all of Northern Ontario.

That new name would be MineConnect.

Introducing MineConnect

MineConnect is a name that grow with them and represented their mission and mandate:

To connect Northern Ontario’s mining supply and services sector not only to one another, but to the world.

Our task was to develop that name into a brand that would become instantly recognizable. The brand would need to resonate with:

  • Mine operators
  • Suppliers
  • Contractors
  • Government agencies
  • Foreign governments and organizations.

It had to establish the association as a true authority in the international mining industry.

This is not casual work. This is not merely a logo and some branded collateral. It’s reputation building.

Branding is about intentionally cultivating that reputation. Why? Because your brand lives in the hearts and minds of the people who you serve. If your brand isn’t believable, it doesn’t matter how portray it.

That’s why when we developed the MineConnect brand, we were not just creating a logo. We took a look at the market as a whole to determine how to best position the brand to:

  • Make it standout in the marketplace.
  • Make sure the positioning would emphasize what makes them uniquely valuable to their stakeholders.
  • Ensure it worked with the story we wanted to tell about MineConnect, its members, and the North.

The Rebranding Process

With this in mind, we developed a creative strategy for their new logo. Having a validated and well-thought-out strategy contributed to the success and impact of the new name and subsequent branding developed. And we did this within the tight timelines set out in the Request for Services:

  • The board awarded us the project on January 8th
  • Presented branding options (logo and taglines) on January 30th to the Board of Directors
  • Received approval on direction of logo and tagline on January 31st.
  • Launched the new branding on March 2nd at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) annual conference.

In just over seven weeks we developed, produced and delivered the following:

  1. One 30-minute presentation, which we delivered by the Executive Director and President of the Board.
  2. A media release that was embargoed until the presentation was done at approximately 4:30 pm.
  3. Business cards for all staff.
  4. Booth display that included a short poster and pull up banner;
  5. Tent cards for all members to display at their booths at PDAC with the new branding.
  6. Button up shirts for all directors to wear at the presentation;
  7. Timed with the launch at the presentation, we launched a revised website with the new branding.
  8. We designed individual name badges for all staff and board members.

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