GOVA Transit: Brand Refresh

In 2017 Greater Sudbury Transit undertook their first major review of transit services and routes in more than twenty years. A large-scale public consultation, led by WATT Consulting, led to the development of a new set of routes and services designed to streamline and modernize the system which greatly improved the speed and quality. Greater Sudbury officials considered an upgraded transit service an important city asset in attracting and retaining a skilled and diverse workforce.

When Greater Sudbury Transit called for proposals for a brand refresh, along with a suite of communications materials to support the rollout of the new service, Petryna Advertising partnered with WATT Consulting and succeeded in winning the contract for the project.

The project included developing a new name, logo and visual look for their suite of  services, that included creating branding for the accessible transit system, and the on-demand services that clearly identified them as a fully integrated part of the overall transit system. As the project progressed, Petryna Advertising was called upon to produce a wide range of deliverables – from information and briefing materials for City Council to new bus stop signage and route maps, as well as supporting additional public consultations.

The new name, GOVA Transit, was received positively in the community. It was rolled out to include GOVA Zone (on-demand services) and GOVA Plus which provides services to riders with disabilities that are not able to use conventional transit.

As  the launch of the new service approached, a full campaign was developed in a range of media, including  TV, Radio, Print, Out of Home (billboards), Pocket Maps, Rider’s Guides (which included the design of over 25 individual maps and corresponding schedules), bus stop signage, bus terminal signage, vehicle livery and digital advertising.

Changes to major municipal services like transit are complex undertakings that require extensive project management experience alongside the creativity and communications skills needed for a major rebranding campaign. The partnership with WATT Consulting resulted in a smooth rollout of the new service and almost immediate ridership growth for GOVA – Greater Sudbury Transit’s new transit system.

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