Keeping the Brand as Fresh as the Food

A few years ago when we began the process of developing the name, logo and branding for what is now one of the finest Italian restaurants in the city – Di Gusto – we knew we would need to keep the marketing as fresh as the food they serve on their rustic wood tables. Keeping an established brand bright and fresh in a competitive and ever-changing market is one of the single most important factors in maintaining its success. For our team, this has been a piece of cake pizza!


Our goal for the brand is “different but the same“, as one of our designers would say, referring to the new menus we’ve produced for Di Gusto. By the same, we mean that Di Gusto has a look and feel that is known and recognized in the city, with signature dishes and a brand with a simple story. The story is that with help from Nonna, Di Gusto brought a real piece of Italy to the city of Sudbury. This is something that we don’t want to change. Some say “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. We say, change the cover and discover a whole new take on the book! We don’t want you to lose sight of the items that made you fall in love with Di Gusto in the first place – we’re just making sure we find new and creative ways to showcase and present their classic and new menu options to you.


Last year, we were proud to witness Di Gusto accepting the 2016 New Venture Bell Business Excellence Award. If you’ve ever been in their establishment and sat down to eat anything on their menu, it’s no surprise that they are incredibly deserving of this award. Knowing that the extension of our work played a part in building a brand that was considered as the most successful new venture in the city is just one of the reasons why we are so proud of this restaurant and their growing and continued success. When you have great relationships with your clients, like we do with Di Gusto, it’s not hard to produce A+ work.


Check out the new menu and see what we have cooked up for Di Gusto, and what Di gusto has cooked up for you. All of your favorites, with a few new soon to be favorite dishes that Di Gusto’s very own Chef Pete has perfected! Di Gusto, a locally family owned restaurant wants to join your family this holiday season with catering options that everyone will love—especially Nonna.  Lasagne, meat, cheese, sandwich trays and gift cards too!


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